About Us

About Us

China Simplicity offers Procurement and Business Solutions Services to organisations that are either considering or planning expansion into the Asian markets.

China Simplicity Procurement and Business Solutions, resource and experience accelerate international sales and business development objectives.

China Simplicity Senior Management are based in the UK and China with over 50 collective years experience in successfully marketing products and services in Europe and the USA. We understand the needs of Western businesses and consumers. Many of our UK Managers have been living in China for some 15 collective years and also understand Chinese businesses and consumer.

Unlike many of our competitors who have gained their experience from a ‘Chinese’ perspective, we at China Simplicity have both – real time-served commercial sales, marketing and engineering experience of over 50 years working and living in the UK, USA, Germany and France.

Our team of seasoned consultants are complemented by a network of international partners that provide valuable in-market expertise. We serve clients around the world in a wide array of Procurement Solutions.

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